Tanning Salon Revenue and Income Calculator

How much can your tanning salon make this year?

This handy tool helps you determine how many tanning beds and booths it takes to achieve your income expectations. This is not exact science but we tested the accuracy against our own business model and it comes quite close.

Please note that this tool does not take into account seasonal fluctuations, competitive influences, tanning salon market size or stability and therefore should not be used to create income projections for a business plan. If you would like help with creating a tanning salon business plan, please call 888.467.8611.

View the tanning salon revenue calculator tutorial here.

The tanning salon revenue calculator requires javascript and the latest flash player in order to function properly. Please make sure you download the latest flash player and have javascript turned on before using this tool.


Step 1 - Determine Salon Hours

Determine your hours of operation for each day of the week. We assume your hours Monday through Friday will be the same.

If you are closed Saturday and/or Sunday, check the box to eliminate those hours from consideration, otherwise select the open and close times that are appropriate.

At the right you will see the accumulated weekly hours of operation.

Step 2 - Select Percent Capacity

The Percent of Capacity means on the average, for 12 consecutive months including peak and slow seasons, what percentage of the TOTAL number of available sessions from open to close will you be able to sell.

We realize this is hard to determine as there are many variables. We know that some customers may not tan the full time and that your hours of operation may differ between peak and slow seasons, but this tool is a useful calculator nonetheless.

A good place to start is 15% of capacity. This is very conservative and most new salons can easily achieve this.

Step 3 - Select Equipment Types and Quantity

Determine how many of each kind of tanning bed you plan to use. To the right of the Equipment Type, is the 'Model' choice. For example within the Level 1 equipment type, you have SUNSTAR 332 AND SUNSTAR 332-3F, etc. If you need more information, click on the picture shown. Select the appropriate choice.

To the right of the 'Model' button, select the 'Quantity' of beds you are planning to include in your design then click 'ADD BEDS'.

Repeat the process for each Equipment Type. The total number of beds is displayed just below the 'Add Beds' button.

Step 4 - Calculate

When you are finished, click 'CALCULATE' to see the annual gross revenue potential of your salon!

The power of this tool is to see how small changes will affect your total revenues.

For example, keeping the hours of operation and the number and type of tanning beds the same, change just your 'Percent of Capacity' to reflect the growth of your salon and see how the revenue number soars. You may want to chart what impact a 5% annual increase in capacity will have during each of the first 5 years in business. Or you may be able to grow at a 10% annual increase for the first 2-3 years then slow to a 5% increase for years 4 and 5 as your salon matures.

You may want to see what impact the addition of one more tanning bed will have. If you start with 1 or 2 high pressure beds, how much more could you make by adding one more?

You can see how small adjustments in the bed mix, the hours of operation, or the percent occupancy can change your annual income potential.

If you make a mistake or wish to change the quantity of beds within a selection, go back to the Equipment Type and Model selection and increase or decrease the number as desired then click 'Add Beds'.

To remove a selection altogether, highlight your selection as displayed in the "Equipment Mix' window then click 'Remove Beds'.

In addition to estimating your annual revenues, you can also use this information to determine the approximate retail space required.

  • Level 1 beds require 7' x 9' rooms,
  • Level 2 beds require 7' x 9' to 10' x 9' rooms,
  • Level 3 booths require 7' x 7' rooms
  • Level 4 beds require 10' x 10' rooms, and
  • High Pressure beds require 10' x 12' rooms.

Allow additional space for your lobby, office, hallway, restrooms(s), laundry room and other amenities you may need. Room sizes can be adjusted slightly as space permits.

For example, in a 1300 square foot space we made room for 2 High Pressure beds, 1 Mid-range bed, 1 Stand up booth, 4 regular beds, a Sunless spray system, one restroom, the lobby, front desk, office, laundry room, and a vanity for a total of 9 pieces of equipment.

We also completed a 2400 square foot salon that accommodated 2 High Pressure beds with extra large rooms, 2 Midrange beds with large rooms, 6 Regular beds, 1 Standup with a dressing room, 1 Sunless, 2 restrooms, 1 office, a vanity, a large front desk and lobby