Independent Tanning Salon Ownership

InSun will guide you every step of the way.

If you have found this web site, you must be thinking about becoming a small business owner of a professional tanning salon. You can either buy into one of the tanning franchise programs or you can become an independent tanning salon owner and develop your own company name and brand. We think being independent from franchises is much more rewarding, much more profitable, and affords you greater freedom and long-term success in the world of small business ownership.

If your plan is to become a tanning salon owner and you get the idea that a tanning franchise is costly, that it substantially limits your legal, operational, and managerial freedom as a business owner, or if you were never considering a tanning franchise but are looking for some help in launching your own independent tanning salon project, then InSun can help.

We Make it Easy to Become a Salon Owner

If you're serious about becoming a tanning salon owner, InSun can help you with the entire planning, designing, building, and launching of your new tanning salon, plus give you years of ongoing support for your small business when and if you need it as a free value added service.

If you have ever dreamed of being an independent owner / operator of a tanning salon business but are uncertain how to start or if you are on a limited budget, then this site is for you. We'll give you step by step comparisons of Franchise vs Independent so you can select which is best for you. Buying and owning a franchise costs money, a lot of money, money you could keep for yourself. We'll show you how to maximize your investment and keep more of your profits for yourself through maintaining independence from franchises.

As an independent business owner and If operated correctly, a tanning salon becomes a lucrative and productive business allowing you to take leisure time off without suffering a loss in income. We can help you turn your tanning salon into a income producing system, one that keeps running using its past momentum to create future income and increase your net worth.

What if you could get all the advantages of a franchise, still be truly independent, and avoid all the fees typically associated with franchise ownership? InSun will guide you every step of the way and we have many success stories to back this up.

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