Open a Tanning Salon: Your Guide to Success

Imagine how much easier it will be to open a tanning salon with us as your partner.

We are InSun, Inc., a nationally recognized alternative to franchising and distributor of commercial tanning beds. We provide free expert, value-added services for our clients who want to start a tanning salon including those listed below.

We are also tanning salon business owners

We have designed, built, and launched several successful tanning salons of our own thanks to careful planning and our salon business model.

Start a Tanning Salon With our Help:

  • Maintain freedom from the limitations of franchise contracts.
  • Remain flexible to define and change your operation and management strategy as the market demands.
  • Remain nimble to react to market changes.
  • Remain independent to grow your tanning salon business in a way that appeals to you.

InSun has assisted many clients just like you, from all walks of life, from all parts of the United States to turn their vision into a reality when opening a tanning salon. We remain in close contact with all of them today and mutually prosper from the free exchange of ideas. We feel we learn as much from our clients as we teach and collectively we become stronger in business. Your success will always come before ours.

Through preparation and planning, InSun applies seasoned expertise in assisting new clients just like you to enter the exciting and the rewarding world of independent tanning salon ownership.

How we help you open a tanning salon:

Tanning Salon Business Plan Development

InSun can help prepare your tanning salon business plan for bank and SBA loan assistance.

We have a high success rate in helping our clients obtain the bank loans, SBA loans, and tanning equipment leases needed to fund their tanning salon project through our professionally-prepared, industry-specific tanning salon business plan.

We help answer the question "where can I get money to start a tanning salon?" Our business plan is thorough, complete, and educational to your lender. The income and expense projections in are based upon actual results from our own salons and from the results from the many clients we serve. Bankers comment they 'finally get a complete tanning salon business plan' in one package, at one time, with all the required information which presents a good first impression and expedites the loan process.

Don't leave your chances of obtaining a loan in the hands of outdated, confusing business plan software. Let InSun give you hands on assistance with the structure and creation of your tanning salon business plan.

Demographic Analysis

InSun can help prepare and interpret a demographic analysis of any desired area so you know about the age, gender, race, and buying habits of the people you plan to serve.

We look at 7 key markers in a tanning demographic that allow us to tell whether a tanning salon would be a success in that market. This analysis is often extremely useful to your banker and is important to include in the business plan for your tanning salon.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is an important aspect of planning a tanning salon business. Anyone can run a demographic report but it takes InSun's proficiency and experience to properly interpret the data. We will look at demographic data as well as many other factors that will affect your new tanning salon.

How much does it cost to open a tanning salon? We incorporate a combination of a market study, a competitive analysis and an economic analysis of your market. This enables us to provide you with knowledge of the environment where your salon will be launched, the estimated project costs and the expected return on investment to be derived from it.

Site Location

InSun can help with site location so your tanning salon is positioned for success in the right community, on the right side of the street, and in the right shopping center, properly sized to serve the surrounding community.

Good retail space is hard to come by and may be difficult to obtain. InSun will help increase your chances of obtaining highly competitive retail space.

Lease Negotiation

InSun can help with the lease negotiation for your tanning salon so you get the best lease arrangement possible. We have negotiated dozens of commercial leases and know what to ask for and how to get what we want. Every dollar we save means more profits for you after opening your tanning salon.

Equipment Selection

InSun helps with tanning equipment selection, installation and maintenance training. We help you determine the right mix of equipment considering your budget, the demographic you serve, and the competition in your area. The right choice of equipment will enable you to do more than succeed, it will enable you to thrive.

Salon Floor Plan Design and Construction Documents

InSun can help draft your salon's floor plan design in consideration of your own needs, wants, and ideas. We put your tanning salon vision on paper and we know the best layout for maximum presentation and function. Every tanning salon floor plan we design is unique and moves away from the typical tanning salon design with one hall and rooms on either side.

InSun takes this one step further by creating a complete construction binder for the permitting office and for your contractor. We detail every aspect of your build-out: room layout, electrical, HVAC, restrooms, lighting, laundry, office and vanity just to name a few. We combine this with full project management services to eliminate potential mistakes and to provide your contractor with a definitive resource for answers and guidance.

Construction Assistance

InSun can help with construction assistance. We've built many successful tanning salons on a budget and know how to get the best salon for the money. Together we manage the construction process to on-time and on-budget completion.

On-Site Helios Software Training

InSun provides on-site helios software training as part of our service to you. We create custom price codes including EFT memberships, units, unlimited packages and many others so you are assured a correctly functioning system. Since the computer and software is the life-blood of your new tanning salon, we provide you and your employees the training they need to operate Helios quickly and effectively.

On-Site Sales Training

InSun provides several days of on-site sales training including customer service, tanning salon tours, tanning packages, lotions, and other retail items. No matter where you are in the country, we help assure your success by preparing you for the challenges that lay ahead.

Marketing and Advertising

InSun can help determine the best marketing and advertising mediums for your salon including coupons, direct mail, the internet, television, and radio. We know how to maximize the return on your advertising dollar.

Lotion Programs

InSun can help provide information about the various lotion programs available so you can decide which is best for your tanning salon, which is most profitable, and which best meets your client needs. We know of programs where the lotion manufacturer helps pay your advertising costs up to a 100% refund of all monies spent.

Grand Opening

InSun is there for your Grand Opening. We not only will help plan your grand opening but we also help make it a success. An InSun Team Leader will be on-site for this exciting event which will help launch your salon into a profitable future.