Tanning Franchise vs. InSun, Inc.

Compare InSun, Inc. to a tanning franchise.

Why franchise? True entrepreneurs are rarely happy in a franchise relationship.

Take a look at the differences between being an independent business owner with our help and operating a franchise.


Management and Marketing

  InSun, Inc. Franchise
Provide financing assistance in obtaining lease/bank credit lines. Yes Yes
Offers a proven system of operation, marketing, and management. Yes Yes
Performs demographic analysis of desired area. Yes Yes
Provides equipment set up and training. Yes Yes
Provides sales and product training. Yes Yes
Provides software assistance. Yes Yes
Provides grand opening and on-going support. Yes Yes
Offers a proven system of income and profitability. Yes Yes
Helps with site location and lease negotiation. Yes No (1)
Allows you to develop a unique pricing program that fits your demographic area and your customer needs. Yes No
Allows you to develop a unique marketing and advertising programs that fit your demographic area and your customer needs. Yes No
Allows you the freedom to change prices or marketing strategy as you feel is necessary. Yes No
Allows you to create your own signage and business identity. Yes No
(1) This varies between tanning franchisers.

Fees and Charges

  InSun, Inc. Franchise
Franchise fees of $25,000 or more for the right to use their name. No Yes
Royalty fees of 5% to 7% of gross sales. No Yes
Royalty fees calculated on a per tan basis. No Yes (1)
Advertising fees of 1% to 3% of gross sales. No Yes

Legal Control

  InSun, Inc. Franchise
Requires a contract that imposes strict legal limitations and requirements. No Yes
Requires permission to sell your salon and approval of to whom. No Yes
May require you to leave the tanning industry for a number of years upon the sale or closure of your salon. No Yes
Prevents you from becoming an 'independent' salon at your choosing. No Yes
Requires you to commit to buying and building several salons within a certain period of time. No Yes (1)
Allows you to build subsequent tanning salons in any desired area without permission. Yes No

Tanning Salon Operation

  InSun, Inc. Franchise
Requires you to have in-salon parties and canvass door to door. No Yes
Requires you to do monthly lotions specials on new products. No Yes
Requires you to buy certain brands of lotions including lesser known private labels. No Yes
Publishes your monthly sales figures for other franchises to see. No Yes
Regularly evaluates your personal management performance and your adherence to franchise policies and operational standards. No Yes
Allows unique salon design and decor. Yes No
Allows owner-selected equipment mix. Yes No
Allows owner-selected product and lotion mix. Yes No
Allows additional services like massage, supplements, or travel. Yes No
Assists in contractor selection, bid negotiation and project mgmt. Yes No (1)