SunVision 28LE

SunVision 28LE 2F

The SunVision 28LE 2F is a versatile tanning bed because it offers you three ways to tan: SolarMax™ IFT face tanners on; face tanners off, but with low intensity, 100-watt lamps on, showering the facial area with low pressure UV, turbo face tanners or no facial tanning at all. The SunVision 28LE 2F provides unmatched tanning versatility in a home tanning bed.

SunVision 28LE Details

SunVision 28LE Special Features

  • A wider, curved seven-foot tanning surface offers all-around tanning in a comfortable resting position.
  • Seven-foot, staggered lamp design puts more lamps over the facial area for extended tanning coverage.
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheet allows the maximum amount of UV penetration for more tanning power in the SunVision 28LE.
  • Digital Timer with built-in hour meter is easy to read and use.


  • Bio-Tech tunnel design surrounds the tanner in the SunVision 28LE for fast, consistently dark, all-over tanning results.
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mainframe with a durable, long-lasting DuraMax™ 2000 exterior for easy maintenance and long life.
  • Efficient choke ballasts installed in the SunVision 28LE utilize only proven technology and have some of the highest success rates in the industry.


  • Optional, powerful body cooling fan ensures maximum tanning comfort during your session in the SunVision 28LE.
  • Superflow internal cooling system
  • Advanced after tan cooling system


  • 28 super-efficient, high-output 100-watt lamps shower the user with UV light for a fast, dark, full-body tan. Both the canopy and the bench of the SunVision 28LE contain 14 lamps.
  • Two optional SolarMax™ IFT face tanners.


  • Overall Size: 86.5"L x 40"W x 52"H
  • Minimum Room Size Required: 9' x 7'

SunVision 28LE Electrical details

  • 220 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 30 AMP circuit breaker for SunVision 28LE 2F (with facials) - Actual draw 20A 1-phase
  • 30 AMP circuit breaker for SunVision 28LE (no facials) - Actual draw 15A 1-phase
  • Does NOT come with a plug - must hard wire directly to junction box.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 24 month silver medal extended warranty


  • $4,999- SunVision 28LE
  • $5,699 - SunVision 28LE 2F (with 2 facials)
  • Prices exclude freight and buck booster.

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