SolarForce 648

SolarForce 648

The new SolarForce™ 648 mega bed, with the S2 Advanced Technology tanning system will have your competition running scared. The total surround 160 watt Wolff® system lamps give your clients the tanning power they expect from the SolarForce 648 in just 12 minutes.

The advanced body cooling system built in the SolarForce 648 tanning bed continuously blows cool air over the body and face for an enjoyable, comfortable tanning experience.

SolarForce 648 Tannng Bed Details

SolarForce Tanning Bed Special Features

  • Gas assisted Hinged acrylic system
  • Slide out utility drawer
  • Integrated shoulder tanner
  • Frosted acrylics
  • 2 Stereo speakers located in shoulder tanner
  • Security timer automatically monitors standard timer to guarantee accurate session time
  • High-tech digital control panel
  • Hour meter located in utility drawer
  • Pre wired remote hook up available to communicate directly with your TMAX® timer system


  • 12 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Ergonomically designed, slightly curved bench
  • Wide, 7 foot tanning surface
  • DuraMax 2000 exterior
  • S2 Advanced Technology system
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheets


  • Integrated body cooling system
  • Directional air vents for facial cooling
  • Advanced after tan cooling system


  • 48 Body Lamps
  • Canopy: 25 x 160 watt Wolff® system reflector lamps
  • Bench: 23 x 160 watt Wolff® system reflector lamps
  • Facials: 4 x 400 watt Heraeus lamps with Ultimate Reflection facial glass
  • Shoulder tanner: 8 x 26 watt lamps


  • 96"Wx56"Hx52"D
  • Recommended room size: 10' x 10'

SolarForce 648 Electrical details

  • 70A 1-phase minimum recommended breaker size
  • Actual Draw 55A 1-phase
  • hardwired


  • Standard warranty
  • 48 month Gold Medal® extended warranty


$20,999.00 *excludes freight and buck booster

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